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DRUMSTAR (Thierry Criscione & Max Carrabin) live at La Foule Pigalle, Paris. (2 decks & TR808)

Happy #808 day ! #tr808 @roland_us @atalmusic @thegyptianlover @djpierrechicago @delundon @technopol_asso @nounouparis

Une photo publiée par Max Carrabin (@maxcarrabin) le

Drumstar Lab Max Carrabin - Drumstar Atal Music hanna hais #tr808 #tr909 #roland

Posted by Drumstar on 4 août 2015

Max Carrabin - Drumstar The KPR-77 was Korg's answer to the TR-606 drum machine

Posted by Drumstar on 3 août 2015

VAS Y FAIS PETER LE SON Roland TR-808 + Roland Juno-106 avec Thierry Criscione

Posted by Max Carrabin - Drumstar on 3 août 2015

Thierry Criscione on the Roland Juno-106 and Max Carrabin - Drumstar on the Roland TR-808

Posted by Drumstar on 3 août 2015

Let's start with a restropesctive on the futur:
right when we were digging for ideas for our next DRUMSTAR mix

Et ca bosse sur le prochain mix DRUMSTAR #DRUMSTAR #mix #djmix working on the next DRUMSTAR mix @tcriscione

Une vidéo publiée par Max Carrabin (@maxcarrabin) le


27th July: Thierry Criscione shares with us the excellent interview
retweeted by DJ PIERRE himself, yay!

23rd July: #303 new followers means this year is #acid

23rd July: We are thirsty for #acid !

19th July: breaking news !!!! Kraftwerk was live!!! ... in 1981. Freaking awesome.

Posted by Drumstar on 19 juillet 2015

13th July: Happy Birthday DJ Pierre !


08th June: Drummachines have soul !



07th June: release of the 1st DRUMSTAR mix!

DRUMSTAR TR808 DJMIX #1 Part #1 https://soundcloud.com/drumstarmusic

Posted by Drumstar on 7 juin 2015

24th May: Traxx plays #live at La Villette Sonique:

@kodenation #traxx @djpierrechicago #record #getit #vs15

Posted by Max Carrabin - Drumstar on 30 mai 2015


21st May: We ARE jamming !



09th May: DJ Pierre is our brotha ! #respect



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